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Jared Kushner's taskforce is like 'a frat party' which descended from a UFO - Daily Mail

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38 clusters in nursing homes in Ireland as global cases surges over one million: Today's Covid-19 main points -

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Coronavirus: More than 500 die in New York overnight with 100,000 reported cases - The Independent

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Coronavirus could trigger biggest fall in carbon emissions since WW2 - Daily Mail

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Do face masks protect against coronavirus? Here's what scientists know so far - The Guardian

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Australia boots out backpackers after fury at hostels for not following coronavirus rules - Daily Mail

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Iran coronavirus patients ‘dying after being given expired drugs & death toll really 5 times higher at 1 - The Sun

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Is the White House's apocalyptic 240,000 coronavirus death toll accurate? - Daily Mail

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China's top coronavirus expert warns of a global disaster if the US fails to contain COVID-19 - Daily Mail

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'Coronavirus is not on holiday': France warns citizens against Easter travel - The Guardian

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