Yahoo Claim That Hack Was State Sponsored Is Disputed

In a report published Wednesday, the information-security firm InfoArmor offered some new details on the Yahoo breach and Group E.
The analysis still leaves many questions unanswered, including how InfoArmor obtained access to the database and why Yahoo didn't uncover the magnitude of the breach for nearly two years.
InfoArmor declined to say whether it has a copy of the database or accessed it through a third party.
InfoArmor says the hackers who stole at least 500 million records from Yahoo Inc. two years ago are criminals who are selling access to the database, and not a state-sponsored group as Yahoo contends.

The firm, InfoArmor Inc., appears to have access to portions of the Yahoo database. It successfully decrypted the passwords for eight Yahoo accounts provided by The Wall Street Journal, and provided the date of birth, phone number and ZIP Code information associated with the accounts.